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Home How-to iPhone Tips and Tricks: How to Using Siri on iPhone 5, 4S with iOS 6

iPhone Tips and Tricks: How to Using Siri on iPhone 5, 4S with iOS 6

How to use Siri – Ticks / Tips – Siri is a latest example of use of modern technology in iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S with iOS 6. Siri takes commands in natural voice/speech. You just need to ask or command Siri and Siri will get the things done through the use of other application programs (apps). For example, you can simply say ‘Set the alarm for 6.30 am.’ Siri will set the alarm for 6.30 a.m.

You can do variety of things like writing and sending a message, opening an application program (app), scheduling a meeting, answering or placing a phone call, searching your phone or web for a particular thing, etc. on iPhone 5 via Siri using your natural voice only. If your voice is not clear, Siri will ask for more clarification.

With the intention to understand your natural voice, Siri makes use of your contacts stored on your iPhone, your music library and calendars and reminders and other data on your iPhone. Below are a few examples of natural voice command, which can be given to Siri and Siri will respond accordingly:

  • Call John
  • Set the Timer for 50 minutes
  • Open Safari
  • Open Facebook
  • Tweet
  • Directions to nearest shop (particular)

Making use of Siri:

To start Siri, Go to Settings > General > Siri. Siri will respond with a question ‘What can I help you with’ (written on the screen). You just start giving command. To know if Siri is listening to your commands, the microphone icon lights up. When you are done, tap on the microphone icon and Siri will know it.

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Siri will prompt you about what it heard when you stop giving commands. Any related information will also be displayed. You can choose from the related info, if you find any of it useful to your query. Siri may also ask for more clarification, if your command was not precise.

In order to cancel your request for the answer to the query, you just need to tap on the Microphone icon and go to Home Screen.

Siri gets info from your contacts, calendars and music and video library and other things. You can also add info about important people of your life on Siri like your sister name, brother name, father and mother name. So whenever you will say like ‘Call My Brother’, Siri will automatically place a call to your brother.

Siri comes with an onscreen guide which guides you on what Siri can do. You can also ask Siri “What can you do” and it will list the application programs (apps) which it supports and things it can do.

You can also talk to Siri using a headset. It will put iPhone on hands free mode. To talk using headset, simply press and hold the center button of headset.


Siri is approachable to sightless and visually impaired users via VoiceOver, the screen reader built into iOS. VoiceOver depicts out loud what’s onscreen—comprising any textual matter in Siri’s reactions—so you can make use of iPhone without witnessing it.

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