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Home How-to How to Transfer Date from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 5s Using iCloud or iTunes

How to Transfer Date from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 5s Using iCloud or iTunes

You can now backup all the data of your older iPhone 4/4S and transfer it to your new iPhone 5s by following just few steps. The backup data may include your email accounts, settings, videos, photos, music files, application programs (apps) and much more. You can either use iCloud or iTunes service to create a backup of your data on iDevice.

Transfer Data Using iCloud to iPhone 5s

(Note: The backup instructions below is for your older iPhone and Restore instructions is for new iPhone)

Follow the below steps to complete backup of data stored on your iDevice:

  • First, you need is an iCloud account and an iDevice with iOS 6.xxx as an operating system (come pre-installed with iPhone 5s).
  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup and turn on the iCloud backup service.
  • To start backing up your device data, make a connection to Wi-Fi and plugged in and locked.
  • After turning on iCloud backup, it will backup your data once a day. To backup manually, tap on Back Up Now (it is important if you are migrating to a new device).
  • The time taken by back up process to complete depends upon the amount of data that you have chosen to be backed up. When the back up of your data is complete, you can start your new device.
  • Select language and country and choose Wi-Fi network, when asked. When prompted to choose the restore source, select ‘Restore from iCloud’.
  • When prompted, enter Apple account id and password.
  • Select the back up you want to restore and tap ‘Restore’.
  • Restoring process will take some time depending upon the amount of data and on completion of restoration process; your iDevice will restart automatically.
  • Your new device is ready for use.

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Transfer Data Using iTunes

Users who don’t have an iCloud account and use earlier version of iOS up to iOS 5, need to follow the following steps to transfer data from their current device to a new device.

  • Before initializing the backup and restore process, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes as well as of iOS installed.
  • Using iTunes, backup the data stored on your current device and transfer it to your computer.
  • Switch on your new device, select your preferred language and your country and choose Wi-FI network when asked to choose your preferred network services.
  • When asked to choose your restore source, select ‘Restore from iTunes Backup.’
  • Establish a connection to iTunes installed on your computer (on which backup was taken) and when prompted to choose from backup, Select the Back up your old device.
  • The restoration process time will depend upon the amount of data. A progress bar will show the progress of restoration process.
  • The device will restart automatically on completion of restoration process. Now your device is ready for use.

What if data is misplaced?

iPhone growth sections have made it so simple if you discover you have made a fault and not all the information has shifted.  Simply follow the steps yet again and rebuild it.

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  1. Well Thank Alot.. Itunes is Soo Complicated that i couldnt find a Way to tranfer my Pics from Iphone to IPAd..
    Thanks u You.. Now its done.. :)

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