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Home How-to How to Sync Google Contacts to your iPhone 5s, 4s, 4 with iOS 6

How to Sync Google Contacts to your iPhone 5s, 4s, 4 with iOS 6

With Google taking initiative to play in the iOS integration domain, Gmail users can now sync their contacts with their iOS devices. Google is bringing about CardDAV protocol, better known as just CarDAV and how! This will allow third parties customers the ability to sync with Google contacts in an effortless manner.

There are many many ways by which you get your Google contacts onto your iOS device. You could take quite a liking to the Mac app Cobook as well. Let alone that, you can make changes onto your iTunes and sync it with you Google contacts. But the crème of the crème is without a doubt CardDAV. Quick. Easy. Just downright simple. You can add, update and delete contacts from you device and can seamlessly keep them on the go. All you have to do is follow these oh-so easy steps:

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Step 1. First and foremost, locate your “Settings” app. Click on the radio button.

Step 2. Press against Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 3. Select ‘Add Account’

Step 4. Then select ‘Other’

Step 5. You shall now see a Contact heading. Scroll under it to find Add CardDAV account. Select the same and proceed to the next step.

Step 6. Now, your screen will ask for information to be entered in. Fill in your details in the presented form as follows:

  • Server: google.com
  • Username: Enter your  email address  (Gmail)
  • Password: Enter the password that is associated with the above account
  • Description: This is purely for information. Enter a description of the account. For the sake of what we are trying to do, type in “CardDav”. You can choose anything else to describe this account as per your wish.

Step 7. Select ‘Next’ on the top of your device screen to finish the setup process.

Step 8. You will now be notified that the account was successfully added.

Step 9. After completion, open your Contacts app on your Iphone and voila! Syncing will start off on its own! Now whenever you go through your contacts, you will see all Google contacts synced with others.

That is it! You are done and you have successfully synced your Google contacts you’re your iphone. Seamless, isn’t it?With iOS 5 or later, apple users can do this even with their ipads and ipod touch as well. Any minute touch ups made to the  Google Contacts on the web will immediately showt on your iOS device and vice versa.

If you do end up facing any issues, do note that syncing via CardDAV is only available over SSL for Apple devices so you’ll need to enable this option by opening the CardDAV account you established under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars section in Settings. Just double check if the SSL is enabled (under Advanced settings), and make sure that the port in use is 443.

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