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Home How-to How to Stop / Disable Auto Rotating on iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

How to Stop / Disable Auto Rotating on iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

We guess every iPhone feature has managed to be a boon and a bane all at the same time. Auto Rotate option is one such feature that is available in the mobile market. It is a very small application that leads to auto rotation of the screen. However, it is a significant option but is now causing disturbances. Earlier people were happy with this feature but now mobile are a fun game and such a feature is causing interruptions while the user is enjoying mobile applications.

The most essential element of auto rotation in mobile phone comes to visibility when the user is viewing the gallery. While going through photos the iphone rotates photos sideways and immediately shows content in landscape mode. Landscape does offer a better experience and makes typing very much an easy task.  But at the very same instant, if you are lazing around in bed, be sure to find this feature to get on your nerves. We know a whole bunch of iphone owners who absolutely hate this feature and would want to turn it off.

Auto rotation feature in the iPhone works on the principle of a built-in accelerometer that helps the user switch from portrait to landscape mode with ease and convenience. But if in case you wish to stop your screen from automatically flipping to its side, then follow the steps below:

how to disable iPhone auto rotating

To stop your screen from automatically flipping to its side, do the following:

Step 1. Press the home button twice. The multitask bar shall appear

Step2. Swipe across till you find the ipod controls

Step3. Select the lock image.

Step 4. You are done. Your iPhone is now auto rotation locked. Just double check your status bar if you have got an icon showing the same.

To undo auto rotation lock, just follow the same steps in reverse.

Other than this, there is a great trick for jail broken phones, which is iNoRotate! A tool for selectively switching off your iphone’s auto-rotation feature. It is available on cydia. When installed , you will see a new option names iNorotate in your Settings. To stop auto-rotation, you just have to Enabe “ON” to stop landscape feature for all applications whatsoever. Now the best part is, you can keep the rotation feature for one app but can disable it for another.

Another application Rotation Inhibitor is a hot shot plug-in for SBSettings it allows you to switch the auto-rotation feature in not one but many many apps. It is a really interesting cydia app that allows toggling on your home screen. Even while using a single app, you as the user can switch over by a simple swipe to get your SBSettings going. With a rotation stopper, you just have to press the inhibition button to enable or disable auto rotation. Neat , isn’t it?

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