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How to Setup Gmail Properly on your iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and 6

With Apple, setting up a Google account on the iPhone has become unbelievably simple — all that’s needed to be done is clicking the Gmail button on the phone for setting up the new account and entering the details of login. One can even set up Gmail in iPhone in such a way that it sends the new mails directly to the device.

The following is the process of correctly setting up Gmail on iPhone

Firstly, a new Gmail account needs to be set up by using Settings app or by directly using the mail app provided the Gmail account has not been set up yet.

Gmail account can be created by simply -
1) Visiting the Gmail home webpage.
2) Clicking the “Create an Account” option.
3) All the information that is asked for needs to be filled in. An username has to be chosen based on the available usernames, this will be the user’s email address.
4) Fill up the rest of the information by scrolling down.

A current email address needs to be provided because then Google will be able to notify the user by sending him an email if his account has been hacked by someone or if the password is lost somehow. Click on the Next step.

5) A profile picture can be added by selecting the option of adding a profile photo.

Now, getting back to the iPhone, in the place of Gmail option, the Microsoft Exchange needs to be selected.

The  full Gmail- email address has to be entered in the field that says ‘Email.’  The ‘Domain’ field is to be left blank. Next to the ‘Username’, the email address needs to be entered again; including the ‘@gmail.com’ suffix. In the box provided for ‘Password’, a personal password needs to be provided. The last field provided is ‘Description’ where the account can be given a label according to the wish of the user.

Next click the ‘Next’ option present in the right hand top. The ‘Unable to verify certificate’ error can be simply cancelled as it will not prevent the user from connecting to his account. A new box labeled ‘server’ will then pop up. In the provided box type ‘m.google.com’, then hit ‘Next’ option again.

Now the user can choose whether to disable or enable contacts, mail, and also syncing the calendar with the Gmail account. Once all these are taken care of, hitting the ‘save’ button will create the account. The Gmail account can now be accessed through the Mail app and new mail coming in will be pushed automatically to the iphone.

The first time when the Mail is opened, it will take some time to sync with the server as all the emails will need to be downloaded, but from then onwards, things will be fast.
If the new incoming emails are not being pushed or shifted automatically to the iPhone after using the mail account for some time, then the push services might be disabled. To enable this service go to the settings app on the iphone and select the ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ option.

Below the mail accounts, ‘fetch new data’ option will be available, which needs to be tapped on and ensured that the ‘push’ you’ll find the ‘Fetch New Data’ options. Tap on this and ensure the ‘Push’ button is on.

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2 Responses

  1. Emile Issa El Khoury

    Hello, I have recently changed my Gmail password, I have followed all your steps but still they tell me it’s a wrong password although I entered the new password. Any tips ?

  2. 1. logging into gmail website from your iPhone (gmail.com)
    2. Go to the settings on your iPhone.
    3. DISABLE imap (as it was already enabled before).
    4. Going back to the settings on iPhone.
    5. ENABLE imap (very counter intuitive)
    6. Trying again on iPhone iPhone and it should work!

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