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Home How-to How to Set the Private Browsing Mode on your iPhone 5 – Do Not Save Browsing History

How to Set the Private Browsing Mode on your iPhone 5 – Do Not Save Browsing History

When using the Internet, privacy is a very big concern; more so when you share your device with others. When others have free access to your device, the need for privacy is immense. For various reasons, you may want to keep to keep all the websites you visit secret. Anyone who is faced with such a situation will find private browsing very useful at one point of time or another.

For anyone who uses the Internet, they value their privacy. They might want to keep private the websites they visit, or the information they supply online to various institutions/individuals. Security is the need of the hour.

This wish to keep your data private can be seen not only in the desktop world, but also by people who use mobile devices. Apple recognizes this need for privacy and security.

On your iPhone 5, the ‘Private Browsing’ feature is available on the Safari browser, and can be enabled at will. You can also turn it off whenever you want to. Private Browsing is a method of browsing the Internet which does not leave any trace of anything you search or any website you visit. On the iPhone 5, Private Browsing protects your private, sensitive information, and also blocks websites from tracking your online activity.

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Private Browsing comes in handy if you are lending your phone to a friend, or simply if you are shopping online for presents and you have very inquisitive family members. The best part about Private Browsing is the security it offers. If you manage your bank account online, keeping your information secure is essential. Private Browsing does just that by leaving no trace of any information you enter, and not storing any passwords.

The steps to turn on Private Browsing on your iPhone 5 are:

  1. From your Home Screen, go to ‘Settings’.
  2. From this menu, select the ‘Safari’ option.
  3. Open it by tapping on it once.
  4. Go to ‘Private Browsing’.
  5. Turn it on by pressing the button to the right.
  6. You can choose between ‘Keep All’ and ‘Close All’ pages before switching over to Private Browsing. If you choose ‘Keep All’, none of your current tabs will be closed; they will remain open as they were. If you choose ‘Close All’, all your current tabs will be closed.

Safari will now start Private Browsing. To indicate that Private Browsing is enabled, Safari will change its theme color from the usual blue to a dark grey.

The benefits of Private Browsing are numerous. Not only does it ensure that all your information is safe, it also prevents others from going through your history and other information. Private Mode can be kept On all the time, as there is no harm in doing so other than losing your cookies and saved logins. But that is a small price to pay for total security and privacy.

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