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Home How-to How to Set Parental Controls and Kids Restrictions on your iPhone

How to Set Parental Controls and Kids Restrictions on your iPhone

It is a known fact that the iPhone is extremely popular among kids of all age-groups. The iOS App Store houses over 10,000 apps designed just for kids in order to keep them hooked to these devices all day. However, as a responsible parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child is not exposed to certain kinds of apps that are meant for adult usage only.

Apple’s iPhones come equipped with parental controls so that you can easily exercise the necessary degree of control over the iPhone and protect your child from misusing the device. While there is a facility to activate and deactivate some features on your iPhone itself, you can also configure the App Store controls in such a way so that certain types of apps are hidden and thus unavailable for download.

In order to configure Restrictions on your iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on the Settings tab and then go to the General tab
  2. Now go to Restrictions and tap on Enable Restrictions
  3. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit passcode. It is vital that you remember this passcode because you won’t be able to retrieve it in any way other than a full reset of your iPhone.
  4. After setting up the passcode, you will be presented with a list of features which you can turn off or leave on. If you would like restrict any feature, say Safari, just turn it off. Now go to your home screen and notice that the Safari icon has disappeared. If you would like to re-activate the feature, open the Restrictions page, enter the four-digit passcode and turn the feature back on.
  5. Scroll down further to see the options for Allowed Content.
  6. You can set in-app purchases to OFF to prevent your child from making in-app purchases and increasing your credit card bill.
  7. Tap on Music & Podcasts. Turn off the Explicit option so that all songs and podcasts with explicit titles are filtered out.
  8. Next tap on Movies. Here you can choose the censorship rating of movies that you would like to allow your child to watch on the iPhone.
  9. You can also specify the rating of TV shows that your child can watch on the device
  10. Apple also lets you set up age-based filtering of apps that your child is allowed to download from the iTunes store. So you can specific the age range of your child so that he/she is not exposed to any unwanted content.

In case you desire more advanced parental controls for your iPhone, there exist several downloadable apps in the iTunes App Store such as Mobicip and AVG Family Safety which offer a greater degree of control over certain sensitive features such as Camera, Safari, iTunes and Email.

In today’s age, it is becoming increasingly important for you as a parent to control the amount of exposure that your child gets to the internet. It is advisable that you allow your child to use the internet to such an extent that rich and interactive content is accessible while harmful content like online chat rooms, adult apps and games and pornography are all filtered out.


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