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Home How-to How to Make an Emergency Call When your iPhone Screen is Locked

How to Make an Emergency Call When your iPhone Screen is Locked

Most people think of tech as a necessity or a luxury. But tech can also be a life saver. The Emergency call feature of iPhones precisely serves that purpose. It allows the cell phone in case of an emergency to call up emergency responders, for example the police, fire fighters or paramedics. The emergency responders can then immediately arrive or inform any person concerned and take action.

It is important for young people or aged people using the phone as well, as people concerned can be contacted instantly in an event of emergency or mishap.

While getting inside the emergency call feature of the iPhone, 911 can be called in case of an emergency, other numbers can be called as well. Entering the emergency screen allows the user to make phone calls to basically anyone.


The ICE (In Case of Emergency) App in iPhone

The emergency app in iPhone is very useful for putting up emergency contact information on the lock screen of the phone. This app also allows the user to attach very important information like blood type, medical conditions, insurance information and also contacts of physicians and other important personnel.

Numerous ICE numbers can be added to the contact list.
One of the best things about ICE is it can be used free of cost.  Anyone who wants can make use of it.

Use of ICE in Smartphones which are password protected

When smartphones are password protected and require them to access the contact list, quite a few apps are available in the iTunes app store and also in the Android Market.

ICE apps which help put all emergency contact information on the lock screen are the ones which can be used for such smartphones. It is not required to make an emergency responder look everywhere for an ICE app on the phone, even if the app has an icon on the home page. The ICE message on the lock screen will help the responder notice it instantly.

Bottom Line

In spite of numerous issues perceived by people using ICE, it still is a very useful way of alerting emergency responders, the vital contact information.

The most simple way to make emergency calls in case of a locked iPhone is:
1. Go to the ‘Enter Passcode Screen’.
2. Tap on ‘Emergency Call’.
3. Select one of the listed ICE numbers.
4. You can also type out the number on the iPhone’s keypad.

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