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How to Customize Text Replies to Automatically Declined Calls on Your iPhone

Maybe you have heard that when you receive a call, you may now answer back with a SMS as an alternative to declining the call. However this option doesn’t appear automatically. To reveal the options, you need to swipe up the screen’s bottom. Below are the steps described to customize your text replies to declined calls.


  1. After you have installed your iPhone with iOS6 you will be able to graciously decline a receiving call by sending a message to the caller, or you can even set a call back reminder to call back within a few hours. Now let’s look at the way to use it, and to set a custom message.

2.   When a call is being received on iOS 6, you will notice a new call icon at the screen’s bottom when your phone rings. The feature which allows you to turn down your phone calls and reply through a

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            text message moreover lets you to make use of a canned message for additional convenience. With this, now you can customize your replies by one-touch.

  1. You can even slide up the iPhone, like you slide up the camera’s icon to capture a picture by the lock screen, in order to reveal 2 options: Set a Reminder or Send a Message.
  2. Selecting the option of Send a Message declines the call, and then presents you with 3 different messages to send the caller. You can either tap the message you desire to send, or you can even compose a fast message by using the Custom option.
  3. You can furthermore set up a canned response in advance, for example, if you know you will be going to meetings all day. If you like to customize your prescanned messages, you can surely do that by the following options:

Settings > Phone > Reply with Message.

Once you’re there, you may now customize your messages to say whatsoever what you’d like to.


Another option to decline a call coming in is to Set a Reminder.

  1. When a call is received which you are unable to answer right away, you can swipe up to expose options. Set up a location or time-based callback reminder. Set an alert to remind when you get to work, arrive at home, or leave your current location, arrive at home, or get to work or within an hour.
  2. The ability to send a message to decline a call is nothing latest to Android users; however it is nice to have a similar feature for the iOS users.

Do Not Disturb:

  1. You can turn on the “Do Not Disturb” option to hold back all the incoming notifications and calls. You can enable it by scheduling a recurring time or manually. Or permit calls from your precise contact groups or your favorites.
  2. This Do Not Disturb option even goes further than that so you can get a reminder whenever you leave or choose to be reminded of in an hour by setting up a geofence in the region of your current position so that your device reminds you whenever you leave.
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