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How to Check Your iPhone Voicemail from a Different Phone

Voice Mail is one of the innovative and high technology phone systems that come loaded with several VoIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol features making communication easy and seamless. There are several vendors offering state of the art VoIP features, but at the end of day implementation is quite different and unique. The implementation will depend entirely on the kind of protocols used, besides the communication features added into it. One of the key technology features added to the VoIP is that you can check the status of Voice Mail from a different phone and it is quite easy to do it. Here are few steps which will guide you how to check  your iPhone Voicemail from other phone:

Step 1 – The first thing that you should be doing to read your Voice Mail message from another phone is to place the call with a Verizon mobile number. It is significant that you place the call from another phone. Soon you will hear a greeting message … saying…  “Welcome to Verizon”….It is now that you need to press “#”. As soon as you press the “#” you will be prompted to put in the password. The password is set to Unique so that only you get the secured accessibility of your voice messages and nobody else. Usually, your password is the last four numbers from your mobile. However, you can easily reset and change the password according to your convenience. Do not choose the password to be fairly simple. You need to have safe and secured password that will safeguard voice messages.

Step 2 –When you want to read the Voice Mail messages from another mobile phone, you can also do it by dialing the Sprint mobile number, and soon you will be able to hear the voice mail message. It is at this point you will be prompted to press ” *.” You need to make the entry of Pass Code. The default Pass Code is 1234, or, it can also be the last 4 digits of the SSN (Social Security Number).

Step 3 –You can also write the unique 10-digit T-Mobile number and then press ” * ” soon after hearing the voice message.  Next, you should type the “9999.” Alternatively, you can also type the last four digits of your Landline number for accessing Voicemail.

Step 4 –You can also get access to the voice mail messages from another mobile phone by dialing the AT&T cellphone number and then pressing the “9″ after hearing the voice mail greeting. Next, you should enter the password, and this happens to be the last four numbers of the mobile phone.

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With all the above steps in line, you are ready to check your voice mail messages from another phone line and that too in a secured way.

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