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Home How-to How to Change Home Screen Background Image on an iPhone

How to Change Home Screen Background Image on an iPhone

The Apple Store has a wide array of stunningly beautiful and inspiring wallpapers to keep alive the emotional connect with the iPhone users. These wallpapers are complete full screen images with appropriate resolution viewed on the iPhone or iPod. These images can be from your gallery, from an external system or the picture clicked by your phone’s camera; all together give you a wide option to select from.

People keep changing the background to portray the changing moods and desires and amazingly iPhone has it all. For all those keen on changing the default home screen backdrop of their iPhone to something to suit your taste, here is a step wise guide to change the home screen background.

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Customization of your background is child’s play, the only catch is you ought to know how to do about doing it. You might want to click a photograph of your pet dog and make it your wallpaper or you might want a picture from the World Wide Web.

Here are some easy steps to guide you to do just that (Get Free iPhone Wallpaper)

Step 1. Go to Settings and find what you like

Step 2. Scroll to land yourself on the Settings app

Step 3. Analyze the list on your screen and select “Wallpaper”

Step 4. After this step, an image of both your Lock Screen and Standard Background Screen will be displayed next to each other in one group. Now tap on “Images”

Step 5. Now you will see some selections will appear before you. These are Wallpaper and Camera Roll.

*Note: If you choose Wallpaper, all your default wallpapers will be displayed in the form of thumbnails. You are free to choose from them. However if you do select Camera Roll, images that you have taken yourself or have saved earlier n will show again in the form of thumbnails.

Step 6.  Finally you can choose the theme you like as a background, now just press against the thumbnail section.

Step 7. Select image and set it right

Step 8. Once you gone through your image sections and have opted for selection, you have the freedom to Move & Scale it as per your wish. After you feel the image displayed seem to be of your liking, select Set.

Step 9. Now you get to choose from four very distinct options– Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, Set Both, or Cancel.

Step 10. Now your iphone screen will read “Image saved” with a small checkmark below.

Step 11. Next, press the middle circular Home button located at the bottom of your screen to see your background image has been changed and saved.


Simple, easy and something that I firmly believe anyone can do.

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