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How To Remove Facebook Contacts from iPhone – Unlink Calendar Too!

How to remove Facebook contacts from iPhone! Have you waking up and found 100s of names, emails and telephone records on your iPhone and curious of how they have gotten there? Well, you are not alone. I woke up over the weekend and tried to contact a friend from my iPhone. I initially had 191

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How to Use JustCloud Online Cloud Backup to Backup your iPhone, iPad and Computer

What is a JustCloud? Well, it is nothing but a file hosting service wherein users are allowed to create a special folder on each of their computers which acts as the same folder in all the computers courtesy of the synchronization that JustCloud does for them. For an apple device, it means you can bring

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Apple Updates AppleCare to Provide in-store Repair Services

Apple has announced its plans to make a few major changes to AppleCare – the support and hardware warranty service it provides. Apple held a Town Hall meeting to announce their upcoming planned changes regarding AppleCare to tech staff. The changes would be instituted from this fall, with the highlight on changing and broadening current

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Top 6 Apps that Help Protect Your Privacy on iPhone 5

With the dawn of the smartphone, people no longer needed to carry around their data in CD’s or even flash drives. Be it photos, music or videos, the smartphone offered space to store everything, and share all of it too – on the go. Nowadays, your iPhone 5 probably is the only media device you

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How To Find Out How Much Storage Space Photos and Videos Using On Your iPhone 5s, 4s, 4

iPhone is a multi-purpose gadget manufactured by Apple, a multinational brand which is famous for producing world class computers and mobiles that support various features. But people often get trapped in the complexities of iOS6 while using these features. Do you frequently see this message, storage almost full constantly appearing in your iPhone and you

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How to Password Protect Photos, Apps and Folders on the iPhone and iPad

Folder lock is probably the most ideal password protection application. Apple users can now stop unwanted users from accessing their iPhones and iPads. This application that works like magic makes it convenient to lock pictures, videos and files within a second. These days password protection is of great importance. You don’t want your Mom snooping

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How to Update and Download Free Apps in the AppStore without Entering Your Password with iOS 6

The Apple AppStore security has always been a matter of debate. Why should a person who already owns the app require re-entering his/her password? All the person wants to do is to download his previous purchase or to download the updates to those previous purchases. But in the new iOS 6 this has been changed.

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How to set up Microsoft Outlook Email on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Devices

With the latest release of Outlook.com by Microsoft, the very dynamics of email has changed. No more relying on online email servers (and the problems which come with it) – all for free! Microsoft has gone all the way to make sure that Outlook is user friendly and easily accessible from any platform – be

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