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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7 Apple Guide, Specs, Prices, Features

Apple has launched 2 new iPhones which have been named as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. These models will go on sale on the 20 of September in the Unites States. India will receive these new models probably somewhere in November. If you are an iPhone fan who is curious to know about these models

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How To Fix Disabled iPhone After Entering In Wrong Password Too Many Times

Passwords play a significant role in the technological high-end mobile phones. Most of the phones today come with all the essential features including push mail service, facebook, twitter and other social networking applications as well. It is very important to keep mails and other such applications password protected to secure all important information and details.

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How to Use your iPhone or iPad as a Scanner – Step-by-step Intructions

Scanning documents or pictures is definitely the best way to digitize your physical stuff, in the rawest form possible. In this age, almost paper documents are drastically losing their importance and electronic copies are much in demand. So, keeping scanned copies of your documents and pictures have become a necessity of sorts. Add to this

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How to Use JustCloud Online Cloud Backup to Backup your iPhone, iPad and Computer

What is a JustCloud? Well, it is nothing but a file hosting service wherein users are allowed to create a special folder on each of their computers which acts as the same folder in all the computers courtesy of the synchronization that JustCloud does for them. For an apple device, it means you can bring

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How to Answer a Phone Call with a Message on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 consists of a huge number of very useful and really cool features, outclassing more or less most cell phones in its range, but yet various useful features of the iPhone haven’t yet become as popular and well known as the other bigger and eye-catching ones have. One of the lesser known but

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iOS 7 Look for your iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 – Install These Wallpapers

We got an overall idea of iOS 7 on Monday, and it seems to be one of the biggest changes we ever witnessed since the release of iPhone in 2007. Tough, we will have to wait till the month of September to finally get hold of iOS 7, as at present it is available to the

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Apple Updates AppleCare to Provide in-store Repair Services

Apple has announced its plans to make a few major changes to AppleCare – the support and hardware warranty service it provides. Apple held a Town Hall meeting to announce their upcoming planned changes regarding AppleCare to tech staff. The changes would be instituted from this fall, with the highlight on changing and broadening current

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How To Update Twitter and Facebook With iOS 6 and iOS 7 Using Siri

The easiest and most convenient mode of communication in today’s world is through social networking. Social networking sites are gaining popularity beyond imagination. The world around is too fast paced to stay face to face with a computer all the time and keep in touch through the social networking sites. Smartphones and other mobile devices come to the

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