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How To Fix Disabled iPhone After Entering In Wrong Password Too Many Times

Passwords play a significant role in the technological high-end mobile phones. Most of the phones today come with all the essential features including push mail service, facebook, twitter and other social networking applications as well. It is very important to keep mails and other such applications password protected to secure all important information and details.

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How to Turn On/Off Government AMBER Alerts On iPhone

Apple’s new iOS 6 update includes a novel feature called ‘Government Alerts’. This feature is available for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. These are wireless emergency alerts designed to let users know of important communiqués. They are basically safety messages – such as AMBER alerts and emergency alerts – issued by the Government,

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How to Stop / Disable Auto Rotating on iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4

We guess every iPhone feature has managed to be a boon and a bane all at the same time. Auto Rotate option is one such feature that is available in the mobile market. It is a very small application that leads to auto rotation of the screen. However, it is a significant option but is

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How to Install iOS 7 Beta from iOS 6 for iPhone 5

This time, like every year Apple has gifted developers the advanced version of iOS. iOS 7 is the recent invention by Apple. As it has arrived in summer, the developer has got plenty of time to explore the beta version and get their apps ready for the release for the official release of the iOS

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How to Hide Text Messages on your iPhone 5 With iOS 6 and iOS 7 – Steps

Long gone are the days when people use to call each other up to talk. That has been replaced by the instant gratification of text messaging. With the emergence of the smartphones, text messaging has been taken to a completely different level. Those who do it swear by it. Everyone texts nowadays – from kids

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How to Transfer or Export Contacts from iPhone to Microsoft Outlook

For various reasons, iPhone users might want to transfer or export their iPhone contacts to Outlook. The reasons might range from backing up contacts in case of accidental loss or misplacement to saving time by not having to retype all the contacts into Outlook all over again one by one. It might even be a

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How to Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendars to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You can sync your Outlook Calendar to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch very easily. Apple provides three options for you to do this: using iCal, using iTunes, or by using a free app called Google Calendar Sync. While all three options work, the first two are usually the most preferred ones. Using iCal: To

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How to Password Protect Photos, Apps and Folders on the iPhone and iPad

Folder lock is probably the most ideal password protection application. Apple users can now stop unwanted users from accessing their iPhones and iPads. This application that works like magic makes it convenient to lock pictures, videos and files within a second. These days password protection is of great importance. You don’t want your Mom snooping

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