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AT&T Will Let Customers Use FaceTime Over Cellular by End of this Year (2013)

Telecom giant AT&T announced in a statement to Verge that it would bring Apple’s FaceTime to all their customers  over cellular by the end of 2013. Anyone with a data plan would be able to access FaceTime over cellular network, said AT&T. Earlier in January, AT&T had decided to launch FaceTime for its users who

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LTE 4G Prepaid iPhone 5, 4s, 4 Launched on AT&T GoPhone

A very significant expansion will take place at the AT&T’s prepaid brand GoPhone which is its wireless brand from 21st June onwards. The prepaid AT&T GoPhone will offer support to the company’s fastest HSPA+ and LTE data networks, in a move which will be a first time for the company. It will also in a

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How to Turn On/Off Government AMBER Alerts On iPhone

Apple’s new iOS 6 update includes a novel feature called ‘Government Alerts’. This feature is available for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. These are wireless emergency alerts designed to let users know of important communiqués. They are basically safety messages – such as AMBER alerts and emergency alerts – issued by the Government,

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How To Update Twitter and Facebook With iOS 6 and iOS 7 Using Siri

The easiest and most convenient mode of communication in today’s world is through social networking. Social networking sites are gaining popularity beyond imagination. The world around is too fast paced to stay face to face with a computer all the time and keep in touch through the social networking sites. Smartphones and other mobile devices come to the

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Traveling Abroad: How to Avoid High Cellphone Bill When Using Your iPhone Overseas

iPhone users usually pay a fix monthly rate for the data services offered by Apple. However, when the same phone is carried overseas then the monthly fixed charges become a pain. Whenever the phone is taken to another country, the data roaming charges automatically increases because the phone is not compatible to accept services from

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How to Put your Beloved iPhone on Airplane Mode

Contrary to what many people think, the ‘Airplane Mode’ on an iPhone is not reserved only for flights. It has a lot more uses than that. This feature can prolong battery life, as well as give you the opportunity to unwind and spend some quiet, private or family time. During flights, when flight attendants ask

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