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How to Shoot better Video Footage on your iPhone 5s, 4s, 4, with iOS 6

People say that the most intimate camera is the one which is forever with you and that is possibly an iPhone for maximum of us. Since Apple has prepared it easy to tap the Camera’s application, point and then shoot with iPhone, all good videographers know that there is more to high-quality footage than this.

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How to Setup Multiple E-mail Signatures on iOS 6 for your iPhone

Setting up multiple e-mail signatures is one of the most popular feature that has been made available to users of iOS 6. Along with creation of VIP list in e-mail, Do Not Disturb and Passbook, there are some other new features that has been added to iOS 6. One of the amazing features of iOS

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iPhone Multiple Photos and E-Mail Sharing Techniques with iOS 6

Apple’s widespread iPhone is often utilized as a camera to capture realistic photos as they occur. These photos can be transferred to your PC, or you can electronic post them to your friends and family in a straight line from the phone. Anyone with an iPhone can email many photos at once. Prior to the

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How to Tweet a Photo Directly from the Camera Roll on your iPhone 5

The introduction of Photo Stream by Apple in iOS 5 was a solution to smooth synchronization of iOS camera images between the iOS device and the computer. Photo Stream and Camera Roll Whenever you take a photo with the built-in camera of your iPhone, it is saved automatically to a separate ‘Camera Roll’ in the

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How to Share your iCloud Calendar with Friends and Family Members

How to Share iCloud Calendar – iCloud is basically a web-based Apple service which allows its users to keep their data (music, calendar entries, contacts and more) synchronized across all the compatible iOS devices they possess. A central iCloud account needs to be set for this, as a conduit for  service from Apple that allows

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How to Define your Own Keyboard Shortcuts on your iPhone

Apple introduced text expansion in iOS 5 but did not make much of a big deal about it. But text expansion is a really useful feature that helps to save you a lot of time that would have been wasted in typing routine things like your phone number, your residential address or even your email

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How to Creat Custom Vibration Alerts for your iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 6 with iOS

Custom creation of iPhone vibration alert feature was launched with iOS 5 and upgraded to work with the recently released iOS 6. With this all new feature, you can create your own vibration pattern and assign it to a contact or contact or can also set it as an alert. These patterns are useful as

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Authentic iPhone 5 Jailbreak Released – How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 5

Apple devices are pretty awesome on their own, but at the same time, in contrast with the immense flexibility offered by Google’s Android mobile OS, iOS remains a caged paradise. It took 136 days for hackers to create a jailbreak software for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but it is finally here and here to

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