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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iOS 7 Apple Guide, Specs, Prices, Features

Apple has launched 2 new iPhones which have been named as iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. These models will go on sale on the 20 of September in the Unites States. India will receive these new models probably somewhere in November. If you are an iPhone fan who is curious to know about these models

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PRIVACY VIOLATION: Apple Keeps Your Siri Data for Two Years

Siri, an iOS app, is a voice app which you can use to send your messages, schedule your meetings, make phone calls, ask questions, and a lot more. While it offers a plethora of services besides the ones already mentioned, the most outstanding feature of Siri – as voted by users from all time –

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How to Tweet 10 Times Faster with Siri – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Siri, an iOS app, is a voice app which you can use to complete any amount of tasks, starting from sending a text message to making reservations for you at your nearest restaurant. It is a personal-assistant voice app developed by Apple to make a plethora of tasks easier for all its users. It is

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How to Use your iPhone or iPad as a Scanner – Step-by-step Intructions

Scanning documents or pictures is definitely the best way to digitize your physical stuff, in the rawest form possible. In this age, almost paper documents are drastically losing their importance and electronic copies are much in demand. So, keeping scanned copies of your documents and pictures have become a necessity of sorts. Add to this

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AT&T Will Let Customers Use FaceTime Over Cellular by End of this Year (2013)

Telecom giant AT&T announced in a statement to Verge that it would bring Apple’s FaceTime to all their customers  over cellular by the end of 2013. Anyone with a data plan would be able to access FaceTime over cellular network, said AT&T. Earlier in January, AT&T had decided to launch FaceTime for its users who

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How to Use JustCloud Online Cloud Backup to Backup your iPhone, iPad and Computer

What is a JustCloud? Well, it is nothing but a file hosting service wherein users are allowed to create a special folder on each of their computers which acts as the same folder in all the computers courtesy of the synchronization that JustCloud does for them. For an apple device, it means you can bring

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How to Turn On/Off Government AMBER Alerts On iPhone

Apple’s new iOS 6 update includes a novel feature called ‘Government Alerts’. This feature is available for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. These are wireless emergency alerts designed to let users know of important communiqués. They are basically safety messages – such as AMBER alerts and emergency alerts – issued by the Government,

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